What is CoMPi

CoMPi (Coastal Monitoring & Prediction Instrument) is an innovative tool which allows the estimation of the future coastline displacements and the evolution of the shoreline.

PL Surveyors, through CoMPi, follows a holistic approach on the evaluation, monitoring & prediction of the future shorelines in the framework of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in the EU & the Mediterranean countries.


What CoMPi provides

                                                                                         .Historical profile of coast
                                                                                         .Annual shorelines change rates
                                                                                         .Predictions of future shoreline positions
                                                                                         .Categorization of subareas with similar shoreline change rates
                                                                                         .Monitoring of the shoreline changes
                                                                                         .Mapping of shallow waters


CoMPi's evolution

2016 April
CoMPi becomes part of the Greek National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Τhe Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change issued the official National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. On the section related to coastal zones, it is mentioned that "... the systematic monitoring of coastal vulnerability is required through the development of low cost instruments (such as CoMPi, an EU funded project under HORIZON 2020)"..

The reference of CoMPi on the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy as one of the most appropriate tools for ICZM consists a guideline for all public regional authorities and stakeholders who are responsible for the implementation of actions plans on their coastal areas.

2015 March
PL Surveyors becomes one of the beneficiaries of the HORIZON 2020 - SME Instrument.

PL Surveyors is one of the winners of phase 1 of the HORIZON 2020 - SME Instrument program of the European Commission. The main objective of H2020 SME-Instrument is the creation of the European Innovation Champions League. The submitted proposal concerned the development of CoMPi (Coastal Monitoring & Prediction Instrument) and addressed the topic: "BG-12-2014/2015 : Supporting SME's efforts for the development-deployment and market replication of innovative solutions for Blue Growth"


Where can be used

•Planning effective protection strategies of coastal zones

•Spatial management in vulnerable areas

•Master plans for future tourism accommodations

•As a Coastal Vulnerability Index for climate adaptation policies

•As an index for real estate valuations and insurance schemes

•As an index for potential risk of salinization of coastal aquifers


Who is it for

•Regional and local authorities

• Hotel groups & consortia

• Investors and owners at coastal areas

• Real estate companies

• Banks and stakeholders

• Insurance companies

• Environmental experts

• NGOs & Academia

Case Study

CoMPi Team successfully completed and delivered the project study under the title: "Monitoring and modeling the dynamic evolution of the shoreline, on the coastal area of Hlia, in the island of Evia", on behalf of the Region of Central Greece.

The works were executed from February to April 2016 and included:
• A Land survey and high precision measurements of the shoreline, along with the aerial photography of the coastal zone, using an AUAV,
• Creation of an orthophotography of the coastal zone through photogrammetric process, calculation of bathymetric information,
• Creation of the historical profile of the coastal area using all the available geo information
• Calculation of shoreline change rates (recession & accretion),
• Estimation of the future position of the shoreline and calculation of vulnerability-erosion zones

In the following AUAV Orthophoto one can see the historical profile of the coast (historical shorelines in different colors), along with the shoreline erosion/accretion rates

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