We are an engineering – consultancy firm

 Specialised in property legislation

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PL Surveyors+Consultants is a company of Consultants - Engineers which undertakes a wide range of property management projects and provision of advisory services concerning the future investments in real estate. Our highly skilled and experienced team is capable of accomplishing all the legal and technical procedures that are necessary in order to insure profitable investments in real estate.
PL Surveyors+Consultants team constitutes a reliable and trustworthy advisor to property owners & potential investors with real estate portfolios, by identifying and solving problems related to real estate legislation, securing that way their future investments.


Technical Due Diligence

We offer Technical Due Diligence consulting services, in order to insure that investments in real estate will be problem free and profitable.

Project Management

We cover all stages of project management concerning real estate projects, focused in coastal zones and forest areas.

Land & Aerial Surveying

We carry out all kind of projects of topographic, photogrammetric, hydrographic, geodetic and geophysical surveys.


We are one of the winners of phase 1 of the HORIZON 2020 – SME Instrument program of the European Commission.
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