Project Management


PL Surveyors+Consultants undertakes various projects concerning legislation matters in real estate and also specialized studies focused in the coastal zones and forest areas.

The company offering covers all stages of project management, including the initial planning of the project strategy, the necessary studies, the communication with the relevant public authorities, the monitoring/controlling of the whole permitting process and finally, the issue of the permit with the conclusion of the project.

These projects concern:

• Coastal engineering studies.
• Permits for works and investment activities in hotels, industries etc, in the coastal zones.
• Placement of activities related to marine tourism (marinas, vessel shelters etc).
• Settling arbitrary constructions in the coastal zones.
• Forestry legislation.
• Legal property issues and the provision of advisory services concerning potential investments in real estate.

PL Surveyors+Consultants has already successfully concluded several projects, within time-scheduling limits, concerning the issue of permits, about works and placement of activities in coastal areas around Greece.