Technical Due Diligence


PL Surveyors+Consultants undertakes various projects of Real Estate Due Diligence, in order to insure a safe transaction and investment.

In order to insure that an investment in real estate will be problem free and profitable, individual landlords, property companies, public authorities and future investors, all need to perform the necessary Due Diligence steps. PL Surveyors + Consultants offer an holistic approach concerning all these technical, legal, finance and advisory Due Diligence services related to the future investments on real estate.

In the process of Due Diligence, PL Surveyors + Consultants’ experts thoroughly inspect the fundamentals of the property, seller, financing and compliance obligations to reduce and mitigate financial uncertainties. The whole process is divided in three main stages:

  • Assessment of the current state of the property, regarding possible commitments, obligations & restrictions and identification of the readiness degree of the investment,
  • Elaboration of all the necessary studies for the purposes of the Due Diligence,
  • Feasibility analysis and financial evaluation of the investment.

With the use of PL Surveyors + Consultants’ Due Diligence services, the prospective buyers will be able to determine the potential risk of their future investment, avoid certain problems and insure a profitable real estate deal.